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red bus

I booked my ticket through red bus on 16 oct 14. i did this transaction through net banking. the money transferred successfully. but ticket not got generated. i tried contacting red bus but there phone line is always busy. i sent five mails but they dint respond.


sony vaio laptop

i had taken a white sony vaio laptop a year ago inteli3 core processer with windows 8 and the dealer had given me the authority to extend mywarranty …..when today i go a month prior to extend my warranty THE SONY COMPANY decides of not giving warranty to any of their products because there was a mistake or a fault in their production so the thing is why to sell the products if the conmpany cant take the fullauthority for it i want my cash back or i want my warranty …….and secondly their responses on the service centre are horrible ….this laptop was rebooted 3 times and all my data had gone so i request SONY to look into my matter and make a proper decision of not to make any decisision for their benefits but according to the consumers .


hindustan liver limited

I am running a provision stores in name and style GOPAL PROVISION STORE at ATTAPUR HYDERGUDA (HYDERABAD) since from past 6 (SIX) MONTHS there is no supply of products and in that period some products have been expired and by requesting to the distributer(BUISNESS CENTER) he his not taking any action and we are facing lot of problem. Customer is demanding for product of (HINDUSTAN LIVER LIMITED) and hence we are loosing are customer


hdfc bank credit card department

i manoj kumar mundra own hdfc bank credit card no 4346781016789885 due to some financial problems i am unable to pay the balance amount .
To , Date-24/06/2014

The Reserve bank of india,


Subject –abused language used by credit card collection agent,

Dear sir,

I manoj kumar mundra hold credit card no 4346781016789885 with hdfc bank from last approximate 4 years from last five months I am job less so I got some financial problem from last three to four months I am unable to pay the due amount on 21st of june the collection agent mr rajkumar mobile no call me at 03.03 pm from his mobile no 9052695786to my number 8885779487 and I told to call him on Tuesday today at 10.03 he call me I told today I am busy come tomorrow he told meet me today only I told today I am busy I will come tomorrow to your bank and talk regarding this to your higher official after that he
gave his mobile to his colleague he used very abused language that (makelavade tu kaha hai chutia tu kaha hai teri gandh phodata hubatha tu kaha hai tere area ka hu bol tere ghar ke bahar chabutre pe batheta hu) I told now I am busy I will come in afternoon in you branch and talk. And after that I talk to hdfc bank ltd customer care regarding this and raised a complaint they told that the bank collection are very rude you have to pay your payment and regarding the abused language we will take action and you will get apologized call regarding this to your no 8885779487 but till now I have not received any call. so
the language has been hurted me that a corporate bank are using this ways for collection, I am requesting you to take severe action regarding this as today this type of behavior has been happen with me but if it happens to any other guys he makes suicide. I suggest to RBI to take action regarding this that from next time no bank keep such collection agent .

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

From ,

Manoj kumar mundra,




two times i have made complaint regarding this they told they detained executive i ask them proof but they told that it is a internal matter so they are unable to give.and they have send a legal notice to me notice dated 12-07-2014 to my relatives address c/o mahesh kumar lakhotiya 15-7-152 hyderabad with fake card number 4346781016789880 they have spoiled my self respect as i am still staying at my mailing address 14-7-231, chudi bazar ,begum bazar hyderabad . they are wantedly mentally harresment and torcharing me by sending this type of things at my relatives address.i have done mail to rbi but no result so i request you to take necessary action regarding this and save my life or other wise the only way is i have to suicide.


MTS mblaze ultra wifi

I bought MTS MBLAZE WIFI It says that its speed is upto 9.8 Mbps. But its most of the timeu slower than 2G also. At late night i can get speed up to 200 to 300 kbps. I am utterly disappointed by its service. Kindly resolve the issue. My MTS MBLAZE MDN number is 8432259397


Reliance Gsm

In 16th July i checked today offer from my reliance no through *121# the offer was in Rs 70, talk value will be Rs 90 so i confirmed twice as a calling on 121 the offer was same so I decide recharge my number but I got only Rs 61 so I talk to customer care after long waiting who tell me there is no offer like that so tell her everything of my today offer after long conversation I request her please transfer my call to your senior I have to wait 30 minutes I keep patience as usual who tell me there is no offer so I Regards
I complaint on consumer forum.
I requesting to forum head this is not a single time issue its repeat more and more time today Reliance Communication is big cheater company i give him all proof but he cant salve my issue and he write salve your problem as per your satisfaction I humble request to consurn person take action regarding this issue and not repeat with any innocent people in future.

As per telephonic conversation with Mr Amar who not give me any solution who demands from me proof screen shot I provide you but still I did not get any extra talk value how can say resolve your problem
Reliance you are cheating with innocence people time to time deduct auto money from balance 80% of people not claimed because who can’t stand infront of big cheater company
Mr Amar who did not do anything and comments post salve your problem as per your satisfaction.

Irshad Siddiqui



On 17-07-2014 morning my uninor mobile number 8410428979 was halted by the company, i am using my number regularly from 1.5-2 years and recharged time to time even on 15-07-2014 i have recheged with 70 rs. When i call uninor customer care and i also visit to uninor store near me they told me that i am not using my number and i cannot use this number further. This is not the valid reason of ending the service.

Please help me this number is very important to me.
I am from up west.


gathbandhan. Offers match making.

A fraud matrimony centre has come up in South City Mall ,Kolkata few months back who declares themselves giving matrimony related services. But in reality, they are cheating innocent parents, girls and boys by giving false promises and taking away money from them. They call themselves registered which I doubt are officially registered.
Request the team to do a verification of this company as it might lead to a bigger scandal or fraud case in Kolkata.


Naaptol Electric Roti Maker

Dear Sir,
In the last week of May 2014 I placed a order of Electric Roti Maker to Naaptol Online Trading Co Hyderabad which I received on 5th June 2014. When I tried to operate the same as per the given operating manual I found same was not workings .I immediately called customer care of Naaptol and their executive advice me to loose a screw underneath the equipment which I did but same still didn’t work .I again called the customer care then their executive told me that they will replace the same & on behalf of them BLUE DART courier will collect the same from my home. The also gave me the contact no of BLUE DART courier. Now when I contacted BLUE DART they said we haven’t received any instruction from Naaptol. Now it has become a regular routine that once I am calling the Naaptol team and the BLUE DART courier but I am not getting any positive results. Please help me out . My order no is 9278618.
Waiting for your early response.
Thanking you.


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HDFC Credit Card Recovery Agents Blackmailing

Hi Everyone,

Iam Kishore recently got mental and physical tortures from the HDFC Credit Card Agents representing as HDFC officials with duplicate ID Cards.

The team of recovery agents with Mr.Gopi and Mr.Atheef doesnot know there original names.They will come like an HDFC Bank people.The Athee will wear the HDFC fake ID card in that there will be no Employee Number as well as Just fake one.The other guy looks like gunda who will be represented as Agent.

The team will be consisted of one more Guy and Female called as Legal officer of HDFC.The operation for the recovery will be carried out by Mr.Mahadeva Nayak(naik) retired S.P,who has been called as Retired DCP Mr.Devaraj in the police stations.ies.

if you are complain against them they will produce the Fake documents and will do the recovery work in the police station with retired Police S.P. Mr.Mahadeva Nayak.

Beware of this agents(Mr.Gopi,Mr.Atheef and one female Ms.Sabeena), and go agaisnt the Legal action against this people.Its better to register an complaint agaist them,they will even threaten and do the rowdy activities.